The Catholic Charismatic Renewal movement is a primary devotion to the Holy Spirit, in which the Spirit of the living God is invited in by the person, to empower that person to fulfill his or her vocation, and to use his or her charisms and talents to build up the Body of Christ and grow in personal holiness. The Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) movement began in 1967 at Duquesne University with a handful of students and university theology professors gathering for a weekend retreat. It continued to spread, so that, as of this date, the Catholic Charismatic Renewal exists in over 238 countries in the world, having touched over 100 million Catholics in its nearly 40-year existence.

The renewal office each year sponsors the Philadelphia Catholic Charismatic Conference. Throughout the year, there are “Life in the Spirit” seminars, leadership training days, and retreats offered by the Diocesan Service Committee.  Additionally, there are weekly prayer meetings in more than 110 parishes throughout the Archdiocese. All of those are designed to allow the individual to grow closer to God and experience the power of the Holy Spirit through prayer and praise, Scripture readings, teaching and witnessing, and use of the charisms.

Please consider making a tax exempt donation to Archdiocese of Philadelphia  CATHOLIC CHARISAMTIC RENEWAL. All monies donated go right back into this Ministry.  We are all non-salaried volunteers called by God to bring the Good News to all of God's children.    THANK YOU!


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