Archdiocese of Philadelphia          
Charismatic Prayer Groups by Vicariate        
Philadelphia North Vicariate          
Name of Parish Prayer Group Address City Meeting Day Contact Person Phone Number
St Anselm 12269 Dunks Ferry Rd Philadelphia Tuesday 8:00 PM Marge McCabe 215-632-2315
Christ the King 3252 Chesterfield Rd Philadelphia Thursday 8:30 PM Bill Canfield 215-464-4293
St. Christopher 13301 Proctor Road Philadelphia Tuesday 7:30 PM Patricia Fazen 215-676-0622
St. Dominic 8504 Frankford Ave. Philadelphia Tuesday 7:30 PM Armond Binni 215-543-0516
St. Martha 11301 Academy Rd Philadelphia Wednesday 7:15PM Bobbi Harrison 215-637-5441
Our Lady of Calvary 11024 Knights Road Philadelphia Tuesday 7:30 PM    
St. Cecilia 535 Rhawn Street Philadelphia Monday 8:00 PM Marie Dickson 215-342-4869
St. Martin of Tours 5450 Roosevelt Blvd Philadelphia Monday 8:00 PM Charles Hunt 215-535-5920
Resurrection of Our Lord 2000 Shelmire Ave. Philadelphia Tuesday 7:00 PM John & Elieen Foirella 215-624-8241
St. Bridget's  3673 Midvale Avenue Philadelphia Tuesday 7:30PM Angela Ludovici 215-438-1750
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